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Installing eFiler with a pre-set serial number

From eFiler v3 onwards it is possible to specify the serial number when installing eFiler to ensure that the machine is assigned to the correct licence. To do this run the following command from a command prompt – msiexec /i “c:tempefiler.msi” SNUM=SSAAMMGGYYII The above example assumes you have copied the installer to c:temp and you… Read More »

Uninstalling Office cleanly

Sometimes Office gets in a muddle and needs re-installing. Simply uninstalling from Control Panel leaves behind folders and registry keys which you may need to purge in order to get a clean installation of office back onto your computer. Microsoft has a nifty tool for this a link to which follows –

Microsoft click to run software

eFiler is designed to run on installed versions of Microsoft office. In the event you run into an error during installation it may be that you are running a version of ‘Microsoft Office Click to Run software’. In the case of click to run installations only a small amount of the software resides on your… Read More »