Emails stuck in Outbox or Emails won’t send? 

 September 16, 2014

By  Sean

Sometimes when your computer has resumed from hibernation / sleep mode, or has just simply lost its connection to the internet you might find outgoing emails getting stuck in your outbox and failing to send.

There are 2 common fixes to this issue –
1. Check that Outlook is ‘Online’. To do this go to your send and receive ribbon in outlook. Look for the icon ‘Work Offline’ and make sure it is not highlighted. If Outlook is offline you will often see this status displayed at the bottom right hand corner of Outlook. If ‘Work Offline’ is highlighted simply press it again to go back Online! In older versions of office the work offline function can be found under the ‘File’ menu.

2. The second most common reason is that an email is simply stuck in the Outbox. You may need to cancel the current send/receive status. Next move the stuck emails into drafts. Restart Outlook, then open each draft and send one at a time.

3. Lastly check that your mailbox has free space. Delete some old emails by selecting them with SHIFT-select and then delete to permanently delete some emails and make some space! Why not check out eFiler as a way to stay on top of your mailbox on a daily basis!

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