File email from Outlook

File email from Outlook with eFiler - it's quick and easy.

Autopilot filing suggestions accurately predict the correct project or client folder for filing your email to. Filter results and enable hot keys for quick keyboard access to filing and search features directly from Outlook.

Explore Cloud Sync or the eFiler Drop panel to enable drag and drop email filing. For repetitive filing configure rules for automatic email filing.

eFiler Location Manager
  • Export an Outlook folder, its subfolders and all the emails they contain replicating the folder structure in one easy operation.
  • File email from Outlook into folders or subfolders without having to add them to your locations list.
  • Label your locations with familiar tags or references to easily identify and filter filing locations (hide UNC paths).
  • Use the filter to quickly locate a label or project / client filing location.
  • Enter a filing reference in the Ref: box to help comply with your QA scheme.
  • File email from Outlook directly to Box, BIM360, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive (Personal & Business), SharePoint and DriveHQ accounts via WebDAV for true cloud storage and search without having to have any sync software installed.

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