When is an email not an email? 

 April 10, 2013

By  efiler

We were stunned the other day when a customer explained his company’s problem and how eFiler is the perfect solution. He put it like this:

Well, the Legal department are afraid of lawsuits and the IT department hate full Mailboxes so all email more than a year old gets deleted as a matter of policy.The problem is that some of our projects last for several years so we need all the emails relating to those projects to enable us to do our jobs.

eFiler solves this problem very neatly.

As far the IT department is concerned eFiler helps by emptying Mailboxes and making sure no-one hits their limits.

As far as the Legal department goes eFiler is brilliant because their view is “if it looks like an email, it is an email.” In other words, data stuck in an Exchange database, an Outlook PST or OST or a dedicated email archive LOOKS like email and therefore IS email.

Save your email as msg files in the file system and, hey presto, you have turned your email into documents beyond the reach of the subpoena but still searchable and usable as if still in Outlook.


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