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When reverting to an earlier version from Outlook 2013 can wreak havoc with COM addins

So you bought a new computer and it came with Outlook 2013 installed as a trial and you used it for a bit and hated it and decided to revert to Outlook 2010 and all of a sudden your COM addins went mad and started throwing horrible looking errors that said things like: Unable to… Read More »

Outlook and other applications taking ages to open or hanging?

One of our machines received some automatic updates recently and immediately we noticed that it was running really badly. The browser was slow, file system access was sluggish and, most alarmingly, Outlook was taking several minutes to open. We watched all of the machine’s processes using Process Explorer (a highly recommended replacement for Task Manager)… Read More »

Reseller opportunities

Sign up as an eFiler reseller and enjoy excellent rates of commission. We are looking to form relationships with more individuals and businesses around the world with experience in software sales and implementation. To find out more about eFiler please browse this site, watch the video of eFiler being used in real time and read… Read More »

eFiler Location Scanner

Scan your network folders for .msg files or scan for specific text in foldernames or filenames. Let eFiler Location Scanner list out all the relevant directories and let you choose to which locations to merge into your current configuration. Restart Outlook and these locations become available for filing – it will even add tags for… Read More »

New manual licensing mode and other features

Hot on the heels of the online backup feature which allows for transparent sharing of filing locations and configuration settings we have now added the ability to license machines that are in an environment that is so locked down that they can’t see our server to receive their licences without violating firewall policies. The latest… Read More »