eFiler 2.6 is here! Automate your email filing with the new eRules feature 

 March 7, 2013

By  efiler

We are proud to announce the release of eFiler 2.6 which sports the new eRules feature.

eRules enables you to create rules which file your emails automatically as they are sent or received by matching specific text in an email’s subject line, message body and the addresses of sender or recipients.

Any number of criteria may be added to make an eRule and you can have as many eRules as you need.

The simple and clear user interface makes creating eRules easy.

Also new in eFiler 2.6 are the Location Scanner and Policy Manager utilities made to speed up and simplify the process of creating and deploying lists of filing locations, configuration settings and eRules.

Location Scanner searches a specified drive either for folders with a specific name e.g. “Email” or containing files with specific text in their filenames e.g. “msg”. It compiles a list of the folders which match the search criteria and the user then selects which ones are to be added to the list already in use or exported to be deployed to other users.

When the selected folders are compiled into an efl (eFiler locations) file they are given tags named after the folder, its parent and grand parent.

The Policy Manager utility allows users to upload, download, replace, restore and delete efl (locations), efc (config) and efr (eRules) files for deployment across an organisational unit.

Please watch the new video of eRules being created, edited and used to see how easy it is and how much time eRules could save the average user.

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