Microsoft click to run software 

 January 20, 2014

By  Sean

eFiler is designed to run on installed versions of Microsoft office. In the event you run into an error during installation it may be that you are running a version of ‘Microsoft Office Click to Run software’. In the case of click to run installations only a small amount of the software resides on your machine.

It is normally possible for eFiler to run on click to run installations, although we cannot confirm 100% compatibility at this time. If you are having difficulty getting the plugin to run we suggest setting the LoadBehaviour registry key to 3 in the following location –


In some, but not all cases Microsoft does allow you to switch to an installed copy on the same licence. Please follow the instructions here to learn more about how to go about switching to an MSI based installation.

Learn more about Click to Run Software

Additional reading –
Click-to-Run: Known issues
Learn more about Office Click-to-Run

Download the correct installation files for office 2010 based on your serial number here

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