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eFiler 3.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of eFiler 3.2! New features include support for file paths longer than the default Windows maximum and back-compatibility with V2 Ref: text searches.

Installing eFiler with a pre-set serial number

From eFiler v3 onwards it is possible to specify the serial number when installing eFiler to ensure that the machine is assigned to the correct licence. To do this run the following command from a command prompt – msiexec /i “c:tempefiler.msi” SNUM=SSAAMMGGYYII The above example assumes you have copied the installer to c:temp and you… Read More »

Patience is a virtue – especially for Google Apps users

So you get to work in the morning and turn on your computer and go and make a cup of tea while it boots. You open Outlook and there’s something wrong – your Google Apps profile won’t load or a plugin won’t work so you log a support ticket and wait for help, causing downtime… Read More »

Reseller opportunities

Sign up as an eFiler reseller and enjoy excellent rates of commission. We are looking to form relationships with more individuals and businesses around the world with experience in software sales and implementation. To find out more about eFiler please browse this site, watch the video of eFiler being used in real time and read… Read More »

Fast email filing and searching just got faster – eFiler 2.3

If you are anything like us you like speed and you like configuration to be quick and easy. In this release of eFiler- Multi threaded filing with advanced message queueing makes for faster filing. Choose to lock down or apply any combination of settings to any given computer / workgroup or enterprise. We have made… Read More »

Update to eFiler v2.1 for faster filing and search

Well, it’s only been a few days since 2.1 was released but we have already improved it – features we thought wouldn’t be released for weeks or months have turned out in testing to give significant improvements in filing speed and search times so we thought we would pass on those benefits as soon as… Read More »