Patience is a virtue – especially for Google Apps users 

 September 4, 2013

By  efiler

So you get to work in the morning and turn on your computer and go and make a cup of tea while it boots.

You open Outlook and there’s something wrong – your Google Apps profile won’t load or a plugin won’t work so you log a support ticket and wait for help, causing downtime which could have been easily avoided:

Always shut all your applications properly before switching off your computer before going home in the evening!

Shutting down the computer with applications running (particularly Outlook as it is a very complex piece of software) can cause essential files to be corrupted which in turn can cause problems further down the line.

We know your train leaves at 5:28 and it’s a ten minute walk to the station and you didn’t want that last phone call, but it would be better to leave your computer on overnight with the screen off than to force a shutdown with applications running.

Here ends the lesson.

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