Working with Com Add Ins and Outlook Trust Center Outlook 2007 

 November 14, 2012

By  efiler

In order for eFiler to present any icons on the toolbar it is necessary that it is allowed to run by Outlook. Sometimes if Outlook crashes it may disable any Add-Ins so I hope to show you what you should expect to find and how to re-enable the eFiler for Outlook plugin in office 2007

First, you will find the COM Add-Ins and Trust Center menu items under the Outlook Tools menu as highlighted below –

COM Add-Ins & Trust Center

Next, go into Trust Center and select Add-Ins from the left hand menu.Finding Outlook Add-Ins

At the bottom change the dropdown select menu to ‘Disabled items’.

Disabled Items

eFiler should NOT appear here – if it does then please select it and then enable it again.

Finally select COM Add-Ins from the Tools Menu and ensure that ‘eFiler 2007’ is enabled.

Enable Com Add-Ins in Outlook 2007


If you do not see any of these options contact support@efiler.co.uk for further assistance.

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