Using Outlook Rules to make eRules even more powerful

By | 20th June 2014

We had an interesting enquiry from a customer who wanted to use eRules to file incoming emails to one location for each email address.

At first sight you would think this would be trivial – make two eRules, one for each location, and each set to file to that location any incoming email sent to or as appropriate.

However, the customer was using auto-forwarding using Exchange 2010 delivery options such that all email to arrived as normal, and all email to was being forwarded.

The result? The eRules couldn’t differentiate between the two email addresses as the headers of all emails contained recipient, so the first eRule to see an incoming email filed it.

The solution? To edit each eRule using Outlook Rules Wizard to check for specific words (“bbbb” or “aaaa”) in the email address of the recipient.

You could use this method to tweak any eRule using any of the options available in Outlook Rules to make eRules even more powerful as a way of using the flexibility of Outlook Rules with the ability of eRules to file into network folders.