Three ways to archive emails in bulk using eFiler 

 June 26, 2014

By  efiler

As part of its rich array of features, eFiler has three powerful tools for the bulk archiving of emails – one obvious and two not so obvious.

1) The obvious one is the bulk folder export function which will export an Outlook folder and its contents to a selected file system folder while recreating the folder structure in the destination.

This works extremely well, but you might want a little more subtlety and flexibility.

2) Use eRules and Outlook Rules together. Imagine that you have just installed eFiler and the first thing you want to do is use it to file everything in your Inbox or Sent Items folders, but that you want to file as you mean to carry on rather than using the bulk export to archive everything and eRules or selective filing to file emails from then on.

Here’s what to do:

Group your emails as you intend to file them and make an eRule for each group. Then go to Outlook Rules->Manage Rules and Alerts and click “Run Rules now”, select all of your eRules and set them running.

All of your emails will be filed into their designated folders while you can go off and make a cup of tea.

3) Just file EVERYTHING automatically. The third option is for filing a copy of everything filed or everything received by each user. This is the hidden “Autosave” feature accessible from the Admin Settings menu – log into Admin Settings by holding Ctrl+Shift+Alt while clicking the Settings button, enter your Admin password and you will see the option to enable the Autosave feature for a designated destination folder. This is very handy if you want a belt-and-braces copy of important emails (why not file into a Dropbox, Sharefile or Google Drive folder for cheap and effective offsite backup?) or if some staff are so important they don’t feel the need to file their emails.

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