Which file formats are supported by eFiler?

eFiler can save and search emails in .msg (native to Outlook). Saving and searching emails in .eml or .msg file formats is a feature available in eFiler+

How do I apply my serial number?
You can apply your serial number by going into eFiler settings, Select 'Change Licence ID', enter your serial number and finish by selecting 'Set serial'. If you are deploying eFiler to multiple computers and wish to pre-register the serial number please read this article. If your eFiler trial has already expired and the main eFiler ribbon icons are disabled please navigate to the 'eFiler' menu above the ribbon icon where you can select 'Settings' to continue.

What does eFiler Cloud Sync do?

Cloud Sync gives drag and drop filing to Outlook users and mobile drag and drop filing to iPhone, Android, OWA, Gmail and other IMAP accounts.

A Cloud Sync folder is a ‘template’ which consists of a filing location and an optional reference field. Once you have created a template, this template can be found in the outlook navigation under ‘eFiler Cloud Sync’ folders and will also appear in mobile devices connected by IMAP. To make a Cloud Sync template click the Cloud Sync Template Manager button in the eFiler Location Manager dialog.

A mobile eFiler user simply needs to drag emails into Cloud Sync folders and the Outlook client running in the office will file them automatically.

The Cloud Sync templates are a subset of a user's filing locations. A user may have many filing locations but ONLY specific user created templates will appear in Cloud Sync. Any email that is moved into a cloud sync folder is filed automatically with the appropriate filing reference added to its filename.

You can extend this functionality by creating Outlook rules to automatically place messages with any criteria into the cloud sync folder. Once the email is moved or copied into the Cloud Sync folder eFiler will do the rest and file the email based on the eFiler Cloud Sync template.

An important aspect and key feature of eFiler is that it does not require any server side software. This means that at no point is the email transferred outside the security of your own exchange / hosted email solution.

We have several computers in the office and we need to file to a lot of locations, is there a way to copy the filing locations from one machine to another?

Yes. Simply done this can be achieved by enabling Location Sharing. Location sharing allows users within the same team to add and remove locations useful to others with a single click. Locations can be personal, shared or applied by network policy. Network administrators may be required to make use of Location Scanner  and  Policy Manager to deploy configurations and locations across the office.

I have installed eFiler but cannot see the toolbar

1. Ensure you have the correct version of eFiler installed. Verify which version of office you have (32 or 64 bit) and install the relevant version of eFiler. If you have previously installed the wrong version please make sure you remove it before installing the correct edition. You can determine which version of Outlook you have by going to Help and About. The 64 bit edition with show (64-bit) at the end of the version number.

2. Please check to see that Outlook has not disabled the eFiler plugin.

In Outlook you will need to check that a) the plugin is not disabled and b) the plugin is not inactive. This can be done by going to the 'File' tab, going into 'Options' and then 'Add-Ins'. Select the appropriate item from the dropdown 'Manage' menu selection and click 'Go'. Tick eFiler 2010 (applicable to 2010 and all newer versions of Outlook) to enable / activate the plugin.

If you are a network administrator and need to activate this remotely please contact us and we can advise on the correct registry key to be changed.

3. The installation should be run by an administrator, if you have not run the MSI file with elevated priviliges eFiler will not install correctly. Please give the installer ample time to complete before launching Outlook (wait until the 'Please wait while eFiler installs required software' has disappeared from view).

4. eFiler will always install itself into the highest version of Office found on your system. If at some point you reverted to an older version of office specific registry keys may need to be removed to facilitate the installation of eFiler plugin into the version in use. Please contact us for this information.

5. Outlook should be closed at the time of installation. If in doubt please check task manager and ensure there is no reference to 'Outlook.exe'

How to reset eFiler to its default configuration

If you would like to start over or to temporarily troubleshoot eFiler you can start with the default configurations. To go back to basics and restore default settings rename (or backup and delete) the following two files with Outlook closed -

%appdata%/Config.efc and %appdata%/Config.efl

%appdata% is the roaming profile folder in which resides the configurations for eFiler locations (efl) and configurations (efc) 

Is eFiler available for the Mac OS?

No. eFiler is currently only available to install on Microsoft windows (32 and 64 Bit).