If you need help installing eFiler please contact us on 0203 5826777 or email

Pre-requisites - What you need to run eFiler V3:

Outlook 2016 (requires .net 4.5.2) Office 365
Outlook 2013 (requires .net 4.5.2)
Outlook 2010 (requires .net 4.5.2)
Outlook 2007 (requires .net 4.5.2)

Legacy support with eFiler v2.7
Outlook 2003 (requires Service Pack 3, .net 3.5 sp1)

Network deployment - learn how to apply team based or company wide settings automatically.

Network deployment is achieved by broadcasting a configuration file from our licence server. Each time Outlook is restarted the settings are checked and updated. Individual settings may be locked to the end user according to company policy. Each company may have one or several different configurations which may be applied eg. Accounts may have a different configuration to the Design Department. Please review the eFiler Policy Manager information on how to apply your policy configurations.