eFiler is the ideal business tool to manage emails in Outlook and has been designed to make life easier. Messages are stored in the common .msg format so they are future-proof to secure your email knowledge.

eFiler’s filing features:

  • File as many emails as you like in one go
  • File into LAN file system or Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box, DriveHQ
  • Gives emails filenames you can configure to suit your needs
  • Location prediction and drag and drop filing for ease of use
  • Add your own reference to the filename for better QA compliance
  • Send a link by email to messages as they are filed
  • Quick filter for filing locations
  • Context menus for ease of use
  • Confirmation of action taken on filing
  • Effective de-duplication
  • Cloud Sync for filing from iPhone, Android, Gmail, OWA via IMAP

eFiler’s search features:

  • Fast indexing search
  • Search and use emails without leaving Outlook
  • Sort results by subject, date, sender, recipient, attachments, folder paths
  • Filter results by subject, body, date, sender, recipients, conversation, attachments
  • Multi colour preview highlighting to make it easy to find the email you’re looking for
  • Context menus for quick navigation
  • Send links to emails or forward emails as attachments straight from the search results

eFiler’s eRules feature:

  • File sent and received emails
  • File emails in realtime or using Outlook Run Rules Now for legacy filing
  • Set eRule criteria to match text in subject, body, sender, recipients
  • Up to about 150 eRules supported
  • Extends Outlook Rules for flexibility and power
  • Deploy eRules silently to all users using Policy Manager

eFiler’s Autosave feature:

  • File a copy of every email saved or every email received into a folder
  • Ideal as quick and easy offsite backup for security and disaster recovery

eFiler’s Administrative features:

    • eFiler Policy manager allows network administrators to set and deploy common policies effortlessly.
    • eFiler Location scanner allows network administrators and users to find folders containing emails or folders with specific names and add them to eFiler Location Manager in one easy batch process.

Put eFiler to the test – download a free 14 day trial – or why not contact us to discuss eFiler in greater detail?