eFiler v4 release 

 March 3, 2021

By  efiler

We are pleased to announce the release of eFiler v4. eFiler has always been known for speed but this version of eFiler goes beyond all expectations. Our efforts have also been focused on the new User Interface and seamless integrations with Cloud filing locations making it easier than ever to connect to SharePoint and other cloud providers. 

Faster than ever

Our search is all about speed. Our tests show eFiler is capable of indexing over 2000 emails per minute over a network connection. Of course results may vary and are dependant on your local environment but we challenge you to find a faster search engine!


Centralised location indexing

Administrators can setup centralised indexing to assist users in instantly adding filing locations. No need to browse for a location to add - simply filter for the location you need and file away!


Modern User Interface

We have transformed the look and feel of eFiler. The new User Interface is fully compatible with high resolution screens and caters for users who like a dark user interface. You can even select a preferred colour.


Easier Cloud filing integrations

We have made it even easier to connect to SharePoint locations. Don't forget our cloud filing and search operations don't rely or require you to synchronise any files to your computer.


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