eFiler cloud filing and search for Outlook 

 July 27, 2016

By  efiler

It’s worth emphasising the power of eFiler V3’s cloud filing and search capabilities.

Here is some of what eFiler V3 allows you to do:

  • File emails out of Outlook into Google Drive
  • File emails out of Outlook into DropBox
  • File emails out of Outlook into OneDrive
  • File emails out of Outlook using WebDAV into Box, DriveHQ, Sharepoint and ODB (OneDrive for Business)
  • Search emails in all of these cloud storages and use them as if they are still in Outlook
  • Copy or move filed emails between Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and WebDAV enabled storage such as Box, DriveHQ, Sharepoint and ODB (OneDrive for Business for Office365 users).

So, you could connect Outlook to a Gmail account and file your emails into your LAN, into Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box, DriveHQ or any other cloud storage accessible by eFiler. Or you can have an Office365, Exchange or hosted Exchange account and file and search emails in your preferred cloud storage.

And you can use eFiler’s Autosave feature to file a copy of all emails filed into your LAN file system into cloud storage for offsite backup for disaster recovery or in case you have a distributed workforce and you would rather use cloud storage than a VPN into your file system, for better security.


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