eFiler goes mobile with 2.4 

 May 15, 2012

By  Sean

We are pleased to announce the release of eFiler 2.4, which takes the eFiler Drop Panel to the next level with the new eFiler Cloud Sync, enabling you to file your emails from any mobile device that shows your Outlook Mailbox subfolders and allows for emails to be moved from one folder to another. So you stay in control and keep your Inbox clear for those important incoming emails while filing emails you need to keep.

Cloud Sync works with iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Also released in eFiler 2.4 are some improvements to the look and feel of the user interface: eFiler now marks filed items with an eFiler icon (this is particularly useful to those who like to keep filed emails in their Outlook Inbox and see at a glance which emails have been filed and are therefore safe to delete when dealt with), and to make life easy we have added automatic prompting for saved filing references in the File Ref: Manager, making it even quicker to set up Drop Panel and Cloud Sync filing locations.

Download your free 30 day trial now and solve your email problem with eFiler.

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