Easy to use

eFiler has been designed to be useful to everyone. With eFiler saving emails is simple and searching for them is quick, easy and effective. Save time, effort and storage space. Improve efficiency and keep your Inbox clean. eFiler's Cloud Sync for IMAP gives filing on iPhone, Android and webmail services.

Blisteringly fast email search

eFiler has a very fast indexing search tool. Find and open emails stored anywhere on your network without leaving Outlook. eFiler's intuitive and powerful email search tool features colour coded keyword search and icon driven filters.

Email archiving made easy

Take emails out of Outlook and put them into your file system where they belong. Archive your emails with your other documents and keep them where they can be found and backed-up easily. Email filing has never been so easy.

Save time and money

Time spent searching for email is money wasted. Use eFiler to help your staff to work more efficiently. Improve your QA compliance and project management. Solve your "email problem" with eFiler.