pl eFiler benefits

pl If you use Outlook you will be familiar with this situation:

  1. pl The QA managers want people to save project emails with the documents they relate to.
  2. pl The Legal team want to delete emails after a short period in case of litigation.
  3. pl The IT people want to delete emails to stop users from reaching Mailbox size limits.

pl Which causes these problems:

  1. pl Users don’t bother to file emails as it is slow and fiddly and they can’t search them in file system (network) folders.
  2. pl Instead, people archive their own Mailboxes in PST files which aren’t managed and go missing or get corrupted.
  3. pl Important emails get lost, wasting time and compromising QA and PM. pl Cc and Forwarding waste storage.

pl How eFiler benefits:

  1. pl Everyone uses eFiler to file emails in project folders and search, find and use them as if still in Outlook.
  2. pl Users decide which emails to file so they can take responsibility for the documents they create.
  3. pl This solves the email problem for QA, PM, Legal and IT and saves a lot of time and effort for users.

pl Why eFiler benefits:

  1. pl eFiler is quick and easy to configure and deploy across entire enterprises with easily updated settings.
  2. pl eFiler is incredibly stable so it won’t add to Helpdesk workloads.
  3. pl eFiler is easy to use and yet fully featured. pl Users love it because it makes life easy.

pl Who eFiler benefits:

  1. pl Users benefit as eFiler gives them more time to do their actual jobs.
  2. pl IT teams benefit as eFiler reduces their workload dealing with all types of email related issues.
  3. pl Quality Management and Service Delivery teams benefit from improved working methods.
  4. pl eFiler benefits the whole Organisation by reducing costs and improving productivity.
pl Download the Free 14 day trial and see for yourself.