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Very high res display causing issues with apps? Get DPI Aware.

If you have recently bought a new computer which supports very high resolution displays you might find that many of your applications look strange, with scrunched up text and maybe even menu items missing or just with everything so tiny you can’t see what’s going on. The solution is to create a custom profile for… Read More »

eFiler 3.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of eFiler 3.2! New features include support for file paths longer than the default Windows maximum and back-compatibility with V2 Ref: text searches.

eFiler cloud filing and search for Outlook

It’s worth emphasising the power of eFiler V3’s cloud filing and search capabilities. Here is some of what eFiler V3 allows you to do: File emails out of Outlook into Google Drive File emails out of Outlook into DropBox File emails out of Outlook into OneDrive File emails out of Outlook using WebDAV into Box,… Read More »

How to repair Outlook data files – PST and OST

It seems to be the case that for files which hold a local copy of their Mailbox are prone to corruption. The causes are unclear, but bad internet connection, errors caused by Microsoft automatic updates being installed on machines with Outlook still running at the time of shutdown and general syncing errors between the remote… Read More »

Three ways to archive emails in bulk using eFiler

As part of its rich array of features, eFiler has three powerful tools for the bulk archiving of emails – one obvious and two not so obvious. 1) The obvious one is the bulk folder export function which will export an Outlook folder and its contents to a selected file system folder while recreating the… Read More »

Sleeping sickness

We had a customer who reported an intermittent problem on one machine and the symptoms had us scratching our heads for a while until we realised what was going on – it looked like the computer was losing its connection to the Exchange Server. To cut a long story short, if you regularly put your… Read More »

Using Outlook Rules to make eRules even more powerful

We had an interesting enquiry from a customer who wanted to use eRules to file incoming emails to one location for each email address. At first sight you would think this would be trivial – make two eRules, one for each location, and each set to file to that location any incoming email sent to… Read More »